Saturday, March 21, 2009

Three months later

It has almost been three months since we brought home Lydia on Christmas Day. It has been a challenging three months for sure, but when I look back now, it is hard to believe how well it has gone and how much Lydia has adjusted to her new life. She has stolen all of our hearts and even Caleb has adjusted to not being the youngest in the family. I think he really appreciates having a playmate and most of the time is very good to her. When we meet new people he is always quick to introduce them to his sister with much pride in his voice. She has differences of her arms, but this really does not slow her down one bit. She does seem to hit the ground a bit harder than a child with two full arms to break the fall, but otherwise, she can carry and manipulate things like everyone else. She is picking up on English very quickly and is bonding with all of us in the family. We did take her to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for her orthopedic evalution and found out she does indeed have scoliosis, which is something we discovered after we saw her. Thankfully, this is something that TSRH is treating and they are on the forefront of a new treatment for infant scoliosis that involves serial casting. We will begin this treatment the end of April. It will not be easy to have Lydia in a cast that means no baths or swimming pools but we are thankful for a treatment that does not involve surgery and might be completed still while she is young.


Lorraine said...

She is such a little cutie. I am so glad things are going well with her.

Josh said...

good deal

Roy said...

Hi George and Mary Ann,

What an encouraging story...and such a cute little girl. We love and appreciate you! Roy and Debbie