Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Smiles Today

Well, today we went to an Embroidery Factory and watched the women work on their projects. Some of the works will take 6-12 months to create. We purchased one for our home and hope to get it back in one piece. We also visited an ancient university here in Changsha that has been around for 1000 years. We are standing in front of the Longevity character in this photo. You can see we finally caught Lydia smiling in a photo today. She is smiling and laughing a lot more now, but she also has her serious face times, especially when we are out of the hotel room. She loves to play with Daddy, but also teases him with not letting him hold her hand or feed her at times. I told him she is playing "hard to get." But, she knows she all ready has him wrapped around her finger. Tonight she had a hard time falling to sleep and was seemingly just wanting to stay close to Mom and make sure she wasn't going anywhere. Caleb and Mom went swimming today in the hotel pool while George and Lydia napped.
We also had a wonderful dinner tonight in a restaurant near our hotel with some awesome food. We cooked our food in front of us in boiling broth, sort of like fondue and the food was very good, including bunches of exotic looking mushrooms, bundled with thin strips of beef, and rice noodles and pork sliced very thin. We had a number of other delicious dishes, too and Caleb enjoyed the fried rice, sweet and sour pork and the watermelon.
We continue to focus on getting to know Lydia and trying to help her understand that we are not going away but will be hers forever. It is late and time to turn in for the night. We appreciate your prayers and comments. We enjoy hearing by email or comments from all of you, and look forward to being home with our family in less than a week.


Rhonda said...

Lydia has the most beautiful smile! It is wonderful to see her smiling!! Jolise is loving following your blog and is sooo happy for Ya Ya!! Try to enjoy your time in China even though you are homesick. Soon, it will all just be a distant memory.

Rhonda (Jolise's mom)

Mike and Christie said...

Ahhh, look at that beautiful smile!
What a blessing. She is so adorable.

Dawn said...

What a fun day! We didn't get to the park when we were there due to construction, but it sounded like the perfect outing for Caleb. Lydia looks so happy...I know you are working so hard to earn her trust. What a joy to see you together!

I loved the embroidery museum, but the workers were not was a Sunday.

Lucy wants to see Ya Ya all the time! Enjoy your trip and every moment with Lydia in her birthcountry.

patty said...

what a sweet, precious smile.

Lorraine said...

What a sweet smile! Will be sending prayers for you to see more and more of it!