Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday at "Martyr" Park

On Wednesday, we had no official adoption things to do, so we headed to the park for a walk and a few rides for the boys. Of course, there were fish to feed, too. We then went to have a wonderful Chinese lunch with a number of dishes that I had never had and all were delicious. While we are out and about Lydia looks a little serious and just seems to be taking it all in, watching everything around her. She feels like she is relaxed especially when in the sling on Mom. But, when we are in our room, she runs around playing and talking and laughing quite a bit with Caleb and Daddy. Today I will have to get photos of her sliding on a slide in the play room on our floor because she really enjoyed that yesterday afternoon. She and Caleb are learning to interact and she doesn't let Caleb push her around or take her toys she is playing with. She let me trim her fingernails with no hesitance yesterday and she seems to be very relaxed now when I change her clothes or help her with the potty. She didn't eat as much yesterday but did take her bottles quite well. I think she had eaten so much the first day and might not have been terribly hungry yesterday.

While we were at the park vendors selling toys for children kept coming up to Caleb and putting the item in his hand, then wanting us to pay for them. I was really proud of Caleb when he was asked to give the item back he did so without a fuss. But, we knew he really wanted to come home with something. So, one of the more intriguing items that was being sold is this small clear bag attached to a key chain loop with a small fish swimming in a small amount of colored water. I warned him that the fish might not live very long, but we decided this souvenir was better than a noisemaker toy. So far the fish is still swimming even after being dropped a few times. So, on Thursday we are supposed to be going to a couple of tourist sites including an embroidery factory shop. So, I am looking forward to doing some shopping today. We wish we could come home tomorrow, but since we cannot, I figure I should just enjoy this vacation from house work and cooking as much as possible and just enjoy the time with my husband and Caleb and Lydia. Still praying for those at home and anxious to see you all very soon.


Mike and Christie said...

It looks like a fun day! What a blessing to be able to spend special time with Lydia.

Membership Required said...

seems like you had a fun day. It is nice to hear that all is working out well. Especially for Caleb too.
Continued prayers, Merry Lynn