Sunday, December 21, 2008

Squeaky Shoes!

We bought Lydia squeaky shoes yesterday and so now when she is walking, we have a squeaker going with us everywhere. It is so funny and she seems to love walking now. Of course, we won’t let her wear those shoes to church.
We met our group this morning at the White Swan, the hotel where most of the adoptive families stay, and took a group photo of parents and kids on this infamous red couch. Of course, not all kids are interested in sitting on a couch and getting their photo taken so it was a bit of a challenge. Lydia did great and didn’t cry or run away like some did. Today we went on a tour to an art museum and to a temple in town. The kids did well with it and we enjoyed the tour guide since we had seen those places two years ago, but didn’t get all the info last time about the places. It is amazing to hear about all the ways they built things to try to help them have fewer evil spirits and better “luck.” If you have to walk over the threshold of the building, the ghosts or spirits will have to jump over the same threshold making it more difficult for them to get in. This afternoon while Lydia was taking her nap, I went shopping with the grandmother of one of the kids and our guide. She was looking for fabric to make some clothes for her grandchildren. We had fun and I even got some fabric, so I guess I will be sewing again, too. I also needed some more short sleeve shirts since it has been warm and I found nice polo shirts for under $4 each.
This evening George and I took the kids to one of our favorite restaurants near the hotel, The Guangzhou Restaurant that has been around for over 70 years. It seems like I never have two things that are the same when I have Chinese. I have had so many dishes this time that I have never had before, just like our first trip. And, I really have liked all of it. Caleb enjoyed the shrimp we had tonight. Lydia eats almost anything I give her, but she is not fond of pineapple. It is fun watching her eat noodles and slurping them in to her mouth gradually. She is also sleeping much better now and had not night terrors last night. She is talking and singing all the time now, so cute. I just wish I knew what she is saying.
In case any of you are wondering, Lydia has incredible fine motor skills. She has just three fingers on her right arm and one on her left. But, she loves to manipulate small items and is very precise. And, so far we have had zero potty accidents, even at night. She has been a little hesitant with George and he gets frustrated sometimes when she pushes his hand away or wipes off his kisses. I told him she is just playing hard to get. But, tonight when he left to go get his hair cut, she was looking all over the hotel room for Baba/Daddy. So cute! I can’t wait to tell him when he comes back.
We were glad to talk with the kids back home today and hear that my parents are now with the kids and they will now be eating well thanks to Grandma’s good cooking. We cannot wait to get finished here and get back to the family. Please pray that the flight we hope to travel on from LA to Houston on Christmas Eve actually has open seats for us. Have a wonderful day!

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