Monday, December 22, 2008

Shopping in Guangzhou

Our paperwork for our daughter’s visa was submitted today at the US Consulate. Tomorrow we will attend a ceremony where we take an oath and then they give us her passport with the visa that will allow her entrance into the US and give her automatic citizenship when she arrives on American soil.

This afternoon, Mary Ann went shopping with some others from our group at the toy market and George stayed back at the hotel for nap time. He and the kids did very well and he even gave Lydia a bottle after she woke up. Mary Ann enjoyed shopping and then came home with a suitcase full of fun presents. Then, we all went to the Shamian Island and ate dinner at Lucy’s, a fun restaurant that caters to the American adoption community. We had some great food and conversation with another American (and military, too) family at the table next to us. Then, we did some more shopping and Caleb had fun talking with the shopkeeper and playing with toys. It was really cold and windy out today, so we kept our outdoor shopping to the minimum. We can't wait to get her home and to see our family. Three more days 'til Christmas!

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Membership Required said...

I love coming to visit your blog about this time getting to know Lydia. I think that when you get home you should write a blog about your amazing family. You have a lot to share and although it takes time think of it as therapy, personal time. Besides you might be the therapist to some one else who needs to see the glory of Christ through your family. Have a safe travel home. ML