Sunday, December 14, 2008

We have Lydia!

We met Lydia around 1030 this morning (Monday, Dec 15th in Changsha, Hunan) and she is beautiful! We had a longer time to get to know each other in the office before leaving, but it was still very traumatic for her when we left the orphanage worker and headed back to the hotel. The other family adopting with us have a little three-year old girl and they were both crying together in the van on the way back to the hotel. I feel sorry for the van driver. :-) We have spent the last few hours in our hotel room trying to get to know each other. She does love cheerios and took half of a bottle of milk from me. She seems to be very interested in what Caleb does and he is always trying hard to get her to laugh...with eventual success! We have seen her smile a few times and she has an awesome smile. She really likes the doll we brought her and has been holding on to it a lot. I am trying to get her to take a nap right now, but I am not sure it is working. We found out she was in foster care for about a year, but when they found out we were adopting her, they moved her back to the orphanage. So, she has had a number of changes in her short life. She was also involved in a preschool program at the orphanage sponsored by "Love without Boundaries". Caleb seems very happy with his new sister and George and I feel so incredibly blessed! Please pray for her and the challenges she now faces with her life changing in all ways. It seems that she had a very close relationship with at least one of the nannies. So she is going to have a lot to grieve.

More later,
Mary Ann (and George)


Mike and Christie said...

Wow~! I'm excited for her and feel sad for her all at the same time.
She has no idea how her life is changing, only that it is.

What a blessing for her AND for YA'LL! Are you going to layover at DFW?????? :)

Dear Lord, I just lift up George and Maryann as they draw their strength from you and pour love into this little girl. I thank you that you have brought this family together.
I pray that Lydia would learn to trust you early in her little life and that she will allow George and Maryann to comfort her as she grieves her loss.

patty said...

She is beautiful! Being surrounded by your love will help her through the process. I look forward to more news.

Tammy said...

Congratulations Mary Ann and George. Lydia is a little doll. Having Caleb there will help her so much. Hope you all are able to get some sleep tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow's update.

Dawn said...

Congratulations!!!!! Oh Mary Ann she is so beautiful...I am so sad for all the changes she has been through, but we know this will be her last...I bet Caleb will be big help in getting that first smile. I cannot wait for Lucy to wake up to see her friend Lydia!!


camueller said...

What a beautiful sight to see Lydia in your arms!! We are praying for you all! May the Lord bless Lydia with a peace that only He can bring at this life-changing moment. Just as the wise men with the God's guidance went home a different way, may Lydia know that she's coming home a different way to a family filled with such love for her!

Denise said...

She is adorable and prais God for her little smile! We are praying for you all. Saw Josh yesterday and he was good. Love you D

Josh said...

oh i saw denise yesterday :P anyways, um, that last pic is definitely my favorite. miss you guys, so far finals have been super easy. love you

Membership Required said...

what a special time but hard too. I am praying for you and the addition to your family. I hope the next few days are smooth sailing. Did you get pictures from the orphanage and her nanny for a keepsake for her (later years she might want to know who loved her when she was so small and as God was preparing a home with you.