Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Headed Home!

Today was our last full day in China and we went this afternoon to the US Consulate to pick up Lydia’s visa and have the swearing in ceremony. It is brief but moving as you look around the room and see all the special kids finally getting a family and ready to move on to their new homes in the US. The US representative working there shared that there were families there from twenty-one different states and representing all different kinds of vocations. The more-than forty children were diverse also, from babies to young teens, boys and girls, healthy and special needs kids.
This evening we had dinner with the family staying across the hall from us from Oklahoma. They are adopting a four-year old boy and have a four-year old bio boy. They have the same guide that we had two years ago, so we all had dinner tonight. It was great to see Bob again and tell him what we have been up to. We said goodbye to our other friends from our WACAP group and finished some last minute packing.
Tonight I showed Lydia some photos from home on our computer. She was trying to repeat the names of her brothers and sisters and did pretty well with most of them. She was laughing and really enjoying seeing all the silly photos of her new family. So, thanks for following our blog. We hope to be home on Christmas Eve, very late. Pray for a safe and smooth journey.
Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This time went really fast FOR US... :)
Congratulations, and safe travels.

Mike and Christie said...

oops, that was the girlies blog name. Congrats from ALL the Minichs, and Merry Christmas.

Lorraine said...

congratulations! I will be praying for a safe and speedy trip home so you and your family can have an awesome Christmas together.

camueller said...

We will continue praying for safe travels and lots of room on the flight home from LAX. Lydia's growing smile brightens and warms my heart!! See you very soon!!! The Muellers

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! What a wonderful gift you have this Christmas!

Kim said...

Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

Kim, Ron & Madeline