Saturday, December 20, 2008

Move to Guangzhou

Sorry I didn’t get to blog yesterday. We packed our bags in the morning and then flew to Guangzhou in the afternoon. By the time we got checked into our hotel, it was dark and we were very hungry. It was great to get back to the hotel we stayed at when we adopted Caleb (2 years ago). We were here for over two weeks so we spent a lot of time here. Lydia did great with the flight and seemed to actually enjoy it for the most part. She is very quiet and easy going unless she is tired or hungry or in a scary situation (ie. doctor exam). She spends a lot of time in the sling and I have enjoyed that. But sometimes, we both are sweaty when we get her out of it. Last night on the bus to the hotel, she slept and was a sweaty mess when we got her out. Anyway, after checking into the Holiday Inn Shifu we set out for a walk to check out our old places to walk and shop. We ended up with Pizza Hut and enjoyed a nice dinner there. When we got back and got baths for the kids, I was ready to crash. In fact I think I fell asleep before they did. Our first few nights with Lydia, she slept through the night quite well. But the last couple nights she has had some “night terrors” or something. She was not up as many times last night so hopefully this will ease up and get better every night. Today we met the rest of our group on the island where the others are staying. We had the kid’s photos taken for their visas and had their medical exams done for the visas. Lydia was not too happy about that part and cried quite a bit. All of our paperwork is now ready for the US consulate appt. on Monday and we have the next few days to just enjoy the area here and do some power shopping. It is not too easy shopping with two toddlers, so I doubt I will get into too much trouble. (George is happy about that!) We saw our guide from Caleb’s adoption at the medical clinic and it was good to see him. We will try to get together some time for dinner with him.
Lydia is having so much fun playing with Caleb right now. She squeals with laughter and is just too adorable. I think it is safe to say she has all of us totally in love with her. Merry Christmas!


Mike and Christie said...

Merry Christmas to you too! I LOVE the picture with Lydia and Caleb together. She already looks like a typical,comical little sister, and he looks thrilled. How sweet.

Enjoy the shopping. :)

What a great opportunity to be on the other side of the world.

Linda said...

Your son is a good guy and you can see by his smile that he is loving his little sis. She will be more secure with him on her side too! A Christmas gift - the two of them together, in China, both smiling..very sweet! Our ChangDe sweetie is now 11 yrs. old - the time flies, enjoY!

Linda Larson

Dawn said...

Caleb looks like a wonderful big brother...and Lydia looks so happy...I loved seeing her go down the slide. We enjoy seeing pics, and Lucy had to show her grandparents YaYa on the "puter" last is her favorite thing to do right now.

Blessings to all of you!

Jaciromer said...

Congratulations and Merry Christmas, Day Family, Lydia is just precious, and looks so happy. Her face just lites up with happiness. Blessings, Jaci